About: NFTation

NFTation is a marketplace that provides an opportunity for digital creators to showcase and sell their artworks to people all over the world by turning them into unique tokens called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Here, we provide our users with a window where they can buy, sell, trade, and store their digital goods, including digital art and other valuable digital assets that are backed by Ethereum Blockchain. We help both creators and collectors to securely obtain digital assets through tokens that represent the authenticity and ownership of the asset.


Intending to build a new creative economy, we empower digital creators, such as artists, photographers, writers, and more, with the tools to protect and sell their work to their fans and collectors.

Here’s what you’ve got on NFTation

1. Verified Artists

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, NFTation at this stage is not an open marketplace. We have curated it with specific attention. All the artists are either vetted directly or have been invited by these vetted artists. So, with a limited number of artists, collectors could have peace of mind that all the artworks being presented on the platform are from verified artists or artists vetted by these artists and are originals.

2. Authenticity

The NFTs minted at NFTation are duly signed by the creator wallet to certify the authenticity of the original artwork. Beyond this, they are thoroughly checked and verified through the ethereum blockchain which ensures that you only buy authentic work.

3. Multi-Chain Support (Comming Soon)

NFTation is initially launched on Ethereum blockchain, but will soon be adding other EVM compatible chains to its platform. Having multiple Blockchains would give the opportunity to Artists and Collectors to easily mint and collect their favourite artworks on their chosen blockchain and give them the opportunity to operate on trusted blockchains that have much cheaper transaction fees compared to Ethereum.

4. Trustworthy

NFTation is a trustworthy platform as it is a decentralized marketplace that offers trading through its unique smart contract, which is between creators and buyers. There is no other mediating authority that holds digital goods.

5. Selling Options

On NFTation, artists have two options to sell their digital art. The first is making it a fixed price sale and the second is through auctions. When someone bids the minimum amount specified by the artist, the auction starts and goes on for 24 hours for that price. This continues until the time for the highest bid exhausts. Artists can choose the way they want to sell their art.

6. Royalties

Artists sell their digital art and gain the benefits of the primary sales, however, as the creators of the artwork, they also benefit from continued royalties on the future sales of their works. So, when the buyers further sell the digital art, a portion of the sales is automatically transferred to the creater's account as royalties. Every further sale of their art is a benefit to creators with NFTs.

7. Curation (Comming Soon)

NFTation uniquely has specific curated digital collections that are called “Galleries”. Galleries, just like in the traditional art world, not only can assist artists with pricing strategies but also by featuring and promoting their favourite art pieces in their galleries. It helps artists to be able to focus on their artistic creation whilst getting help in promoting their artworks. Furthermore, galleries are another seal of approval on the value and authenticity of NFTs.

8. Easy and User Friendly

NFTs can easily be minted by verified artists on the NFTationplatform and collectors can easily purchase them. They need not have any knowledge of programming or coding, all that is required is Ethereum or another layer one coins in an EVM-compatible browser wallet like Metamask. Metamask can be downloaded here. (Link to metamask website)